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Geosynthetic Constructions

Constructions reinforced with geosynthetic layers have  taken root as an economic and ecological alternative to conventional construction methods. Those constructions are implemented in the field of ground, base and subbase layer stabilization of traffic routes, in the construction of earth retaining structures and in foundation layers. However, also in hydraulic engineering and landfill construction as well as in the field of erosion protection, geosynthetics have a wide range of application.

Based on many years of research, development and practical experience in the field of construction methods with geosynthetic reinforcement, we have profound expertise as to the application possibilities and limitations, the mechanisms of action as well as the design and  dimensioning of geosynthetically reinforced structures.

Since 2001, Dr.-Ing. Bussert (Doctor of Engineering) has been elaborating intensely the mode of action and the geogrid soil interaction and wrote his doctoral thesis on the subject of "deformation behavior of geogrid reinforced soil structures". Afterwards, he worked in the geosynthetic industry for some years and he is a member in the DIN committee "Geotextiles and geosynthetics, NA 106".

Dr.-Ing. Emersleben (Doctor of Engineering) is currently elaborating several research projects as to the exploration of serviceability enhancement by the use of geosynthetics in traffic route construction. He is  a guest member in the DGGT task force 5.2 "Designing and dimensioning of soil bodies with geosynthetic reinforcement".

Thus, our services are characterized by relevant technical knowledge and include:

  • earth retaining walls and reinforced slopes
  • ground and subbase layers / infrastructure / logistics sites
  • load distribution layers over vertical elements
  • construction of dams over soft ground
  • erosion control measures and sealing

Project Pictures (Selection)

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