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Construction with geocells

Geocells consist of single synthetic strips, which are interconnected and form a spatial, permeable, polymeric honeycomb structure. They are used in geotechnical engineering for embedding and retaining soil particles.

The mode of action of geocells is characterized by the fact that during loading the geocell walls inhibit lateral deformation of the filling material, which mobilizes circular tensile forces within the cell walls, passive soil resistance in the surrounding cells and friction between the cell walls and the filling material.

Since 2004, Dr.-Ing. Emersleben (Doctor of Engineering) has been concerned intensely with the subject of geocells in the scope of research projects and, in the framework of his doctorate thesis, he developed, inter alia, the world's first design method for the serviceability limit state determination of geocell stabilized base layers, which has been used meanwhile as dimensioning basis for innumerable national and international building projects.

Thus, our services are based on versatile, successfully accomplished projects and include:

  • stabilized ground, base and subbase layers / traffic routes / logistics sites
  • earth retaining structures / gravity walls
  • facing elements for earth retaining structures
  • erosion control in soil and hydraulic engineering
  • load distribution layers over vertical elements

Project Pictures (Selection)

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