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The illustrated selection of projects are current projects of UNDERyourfeet GmbH as well as personal references of the Managing Directors.

Rock Face Protection Zorge, Germany

Design of rock face protection, soil nails and net layout below the "Glockenturm" Zorge in the mountain Harz.

Windfarm Ostermoor-Scharrel, Germany

Stabilisation of an access road to a windfarm with geocells as an alternative to soil removement.

Water Reservoir Wurmberg, Germany

Deisgn of a water reservoir on top of the mountain Wurmberg in Germany for artifical snowing of ski routes.

Aldi Hemel Hempstead, UK

Design of Geocell (Geoweb) wall to stabilize a landfill for the construction of a Aldi market

CTW-120, Saudi Arabia

Design of a geogrid reinforced railway dam over Sabkha Soil.

Ciupercerni Road, Romania

Stabilization of an unpaved access road to a soil processing plant.

Lichfield Channel, UK

Construction of a noise protection barrier in the scope of the reinstatement of an old channel system.

Cultural Village, Quatar

14m high reinforced soil construction with a geocell facing over soft ground.

Carport Rheinfelden, Germany

Construction of a gravity wall made of geocells in the cope of the assembly of a private carport.

Delje Koog, Drage, Germany

Design of road widening for higher traffic loads over soft ground considering Geocells.

Flood control reservoir HRB Ehringen, Germany

Construction of a flood control reservoir to protect the village of Ehringen from flooding.

Railroad embankement Barendrecht, Netherland

Measurement of geogrid strains, earth pressure and pile loads within a geogrid reinforced railroad emebankment over high speed piles (HSP)

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